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Stress Management

Did you know?


According to noted cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton that over 95% of all disease-related ailments in this country are created by stress? 

As our life expectancy becomes greater, cognitive problems such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia become commonplace. Many people with these diseases may eventually require institutional care. Nursing homes are required to provide activities for residents which enhance the quality of their lives. Playing drums has been found to be the ideal activity for people with diminished physical and mental capacities.

Researchers have found that because rhythm is so intrinsic to our nature, Alzheimer's patients, even in the latter stages of the disease, can copy simple rhythms played on a drum. This form of interaction takes on great significance when all other forms of communication have been diminished. Drumming seems to focus Alzheimer's patients for a short time, and they seem momentarily coherent. These interludes, however brief, are priceless to loved ones.

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