Anger Management

Reducing instrumental anger in the workplace. 


Group drumming is a cost-effective way to reduce stress, boost morale, and improve productivity. Fortune 500 companies across the country are now holding weekly employee group drumming sessions as an expression of their commitment to team-building and employee satisfaction.


Group empowerment drumming, a specific form of community drumming, develops self-expression, creativity, and builds unity through diversity. It promotes listening and communication skills and breaks down barriers between departments, associates, and people. More than that, it’s energizing and fun!


In a groundbreaking research study published in Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, November 2003, a HealthRhythms® program was conducted over six weeks with employees at a long term care facility. The intervention improved employee emotional well being and cut employee turnover by 18.3 percent, which resulted in substantial cost savings to the company. More specifically, the intervention is proposed to reduce employee turnover by 11 employees per 100 beds. In the study, the intervention exceeded those expectations. With an industry average cost of over $8000 per employee turnover, the direct cost savings for a facility with 100 beds would be over $88,000.


The bottom line is that drumming saves money, according to the findings of Dr. Barry Bittman found that six weeks after the sessions ended, participants continued to report a 62 percent improvement in mood, suggesting that the benefits of drumming can continue long after the music has ended. The principles and program applied in the study can be adapted to a wide variety of industries and companies.


Neurologist Barry Bittman, MD, and Music Therapist Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC developed the HealthRhythms™ protocol. HealthRhythms™ is a division within Remo Inc. that develops and provides materials, programs, training and the latest research supporting the use of drumming as an effective means for promoting and maintaining health and well-being. At the forefront of our activities is the development of our HealthRhythms™ Group Empowerment Drumming program. 


Erik Dunton has trained directly with Dr. Bittman and Ms. Stevens, through REMO's HealthRhythms™program.Consider Positive RePercussions for your company's next conference, workshop, meeting or retreat. Contact us today to discuss how our exciting programs can benefit your organization.​

Consider Positive RePercussions for your company's next conference, workshop, meeting or retreat. 
Contact us today to discuss how our exciting programs can benefit your organization.

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