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Corporate: Drumming in the Workplace

Corporate Empowerment

At Positive RePercussions, we believe that music should be not only valued as a form of entertainment but also as a vehicle for positive change achieving specific measurable outcomes in the lives of individuals and groups. Today’s world has a need for innovative programs to help us respect differences while encouraging collaboration, allowing us to work together to a greater potential, and to create a healthy balance in our personal lives. Positive RePercussions utilizes rhythm-based activities because drums are the most accessible of musical instruments. 

Positive RePercussions delivers high-quality, interactive, rhythm-based events. Serving the Greater Sarasota and Suncoast areas, Positive RePercussions can deliver a keynote, seminar, or workshop at the site of your choice—indoors or out. Our drumming workshops are ideal for the opening and closing of conferences, corporate away-days, ice-breakers, corporate parties, team-building getaways, and staff fun days.

Positive RePercussions' rhythm-based events leverage the synergy of one of the earliest forms of communication—DRUMMING! Our interactive rhythm-based events are not about learning to play drums or acquiring musical technique. Instead, they are an exercise in the power of non-verbal communication to empower your team to discover its potential in a non-threatening environment that encourages cooperation, communication, and wellness through creative expression.

Group therapeutic drumming is a cutting-edge tool for the corporate environment. Now more than ever, drumming is being used for team building and team bonding activities. Drumming and dance will activate focus and clarity as well as releasing stress while acting as a fun group activity for celebration. Our interactive and evidence-based corporate empowerment programs can be tailored to help you facilitate change in your company, introduce new initiatives, reduce employee burnout and turnover, build leadership skills, promote wellness, or reward your team for a job well done.

Explore Your Inner Rhythm! 

A Positive RePercussions interactive event is designed to supercharge your team. We provide a creative, interactive environment that promotes teamwork and develops leadership skills. You do not even have to own a drum. We provide all the drums and world percussion instruments. 

A Positive RePercussions interactive event harnesses the power and synergy of active participation and listening to create a uniquely powerful bonding experience, the effects of which are immediate and felt by everyone.

Positive RePercussions is uniquely qualified to partner with you and your organization to assist in achieving your goals. Providing your organization proven ROI, our evidenced-based programs and protocols will offer your team the opportunity to discover its natural rhythm while building lines of communication.

What can Positive RePercussions do for your organization?

We can tailor our program to meet your needs and goals: stress-management, leadership development, corporate communication, and more.

Consider Positive RePercussions for your company's next conference, workshop, meeting or retreat. 
Contact us today to discuss how our exciting programs can benefit your organization.

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