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Education: Drumming with Students

Learning and Developing through Music Participation


At Positive RePercussions, we believe that music should be not only valued as a form of entertainment but also as a vehicle for positive change achieving specific measurable outcomes in the lives of individuals and groups. Today’s world has a need for innovative programs to help us respect differences while encouraging collaboration, allowing us to work together to a greater potential, and to create a healthy balance in our personal lives. Positive RePercussions utilizes rhythm-based activities because drums are the most accessible of musical instruments. 


Children of all ages and all abilities need safe and positive opportunities to:


  • Creatively express themselves

  • Release stress

  • Showcase their talents 

  • Experience success

  • Have Fun


Our evidence-based programs for education are available in one-hour, full-day workshops, and complete curriculums. We understand the challenges facing school children today. Our music-based programs are designed to meet the specific needs of all school-age children (PreK-12) including At-Risk Youth and Individuals with Special Needs. Our accessible interactive programs are designed to introduce educational and social material through music. No prior musical experience is needed to take part and receive the benefits of our programs.


Positive RePercussions programs are designed to foster:


  • Interpersonal Communications

  • School/Team Spirit

  • Breaking Down of Barriers

  • Social Skill Concepts

  • Anti-Bullying & Anti-Discrimination

  • Deliver STEM through music & rhythm.


At Positive RePercussions, we don’t teach music, we teach through music.


Our exciting hands-on activities are great additions to:


  • In-service Days

  • Parent/Student Days

  • Graduation Programs

  • Career Development Programs

  • Continuing Education Credits (CEU)


Positive RePercussions provides evidence-based interactive music programs group drumming contact us today to discuss how our programs can benefit your school and students.


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