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Clinical: Drumming and Health Care

Tuning in to the Heart of Health Care


At Positive RePercussions, we build community and promote wellness through interactive, evidence-based programs designed to inspire, empower, educate and engage in an inclusive environment. 


Group therapeutic drumming is an exercise in utilizing our natural response to rhythm and music to achieve beneficial outcomes. It is a non-competitive, inclusive activity that encourages individual creativity, breaks down social barriers, encourages freedom of expression, exercises non-verbal communication, and embodies unity and cooperation to promote physical or emotional healing. 


Positive RePercussions also offers evidence-based, healthcare professional retention programs.  Our healthcare employee retention and wellness program has also demonstrated reduced burnout in long-term care workers, and also reduced Total Mood Disturbance by a 46% improvement and a 62% improvement 6 weeks post-intervention.* The researchers, citing industrywide human resources data, projected that such an improvement could result in an 18.3% reduction in employee turnover, potentially saving an average facility more than $120,000† a year, per 100-beds — and the entire healthcare industry as much as $4.4 billion annually†. 


*Bittman B, Bruhn KT, Stevens C, et al. Recreational music-making: A cost-effective group interdisciplinary strategy for reducing burnout and improving mood states in long-term care workers. Advances in Mind-Body Medicine 2003; 19(3/4): 4-15.


†Adjusted for inflation - U. S. Department of Labor, CPI Inflation Calculator (


†† based on 350 employees

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