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A Humbling Experience

I had a wonderful and humbling experience the other day. I received a phone call from a woman who told me she got my name from Fork’s Drum Closet. She was looking for an individual who facilitated drum circles with youth. Thinking that she was looking for me to facilitate an evidence-based drumming program, I explained that I am a REMO Endorsed HealthRHYTHMS® Therapeutic Group Drumming Facilitator, and through Positive RePercussions I work weekly with at-risk youth at The Oasis Center and other facilities in Nashville.

She then told me that she had a djembe that had belonged to her friend, a local drummer, who worked with youth through drum circles when he lived in CA and also more recently, here in Nashville. She went on to explain that sadly, he recently passed, and he wished for his drum to be passed on to someone who facilitated drum circles with youth.

It was only after some more discussion and learning about this fantastic individual and the passion he had for using music and drumming to reach and help youth, that I realized I had actually met him as he attended a couple of my community drum circles at Guitar Center here in Nashville. Soon, she thought that I may be a good choice to carry on with his drum, so we made arrangements to meet, and she presented me with a Remo Designer Series 14" Djembe, including a bag and stand.

I cannot nearly express how grateful and humbled I am by this experience, but I can say that through her loss, kindness and generosity, this drum, that was used to help youth, will continue to reach at-risk youth and continue to change lives!

Thank you for allowing me this honor and privilege, I look forward to using this drum in my work.

Erik Dunton

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