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Recreational Music-Making

Recreational Music-Making Brought to you by NAMM
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According to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Recreational Music Making (RMM) is defined as, "Recreational Music Making refers to playing musical instruments alone or in a group without the goals of mastery or performance."


Recreational Music Making encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, backgrounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience.


Recreational Music Making is distinct from "regular" music making as its purpose is the enjoyment and well-being of the participant and the group, not an artistic or aesthetic outcome. Of particular importance is the fact that participation does not require talent or training. Exemplary performance is not the motive - fun and relaxation are the key drivers.


Corporate drumming and drum circles bring Recreational Music-Making to people regardless of musical experience.


Substantial research has documented numerous health benefits associated with various strategies that reduce the perception of stress, increase sense of control, and improve mood states. Nurturing/support, camaraderie, verbal and non-verbal self expression, exercise, imagery, and spirituality have considerable bio- psycho-social impact on diverse populations.28-40 A unique combination of these elements is encompassed by RMM, which has been defined as “enjoyable, accessible, and fulfilling group music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, back- grounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience. From exercise, nurturing, social support, bonding, and spirituality to intellectual stimulation, heightened understanding, and enhanced capacity to cope with life’s challenges, the benefits of RMM extend far beyond music. RMM ultimately affords unparalleled creative expression that unites our bodies, minds, and spirits.”41 According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the term recreational is derived from the Latin root, “recreatio,” which means “restoration to health.”


Group drumming and keyboard interventions have been reported to improve mood states and socialization.42.43 The RMM program selected for this investigation is based upon Group Empowerment Drumming, a comprehensive multi-faceted protocol with documented effects on cell-mediated biological stress pathways.44 Coupled with Clavinova keyboard accompaniment and a unique series of Mind-Body Wellness Clavinova Exercises, this protocol-based RMM intervention was designed to establish a relaxed, non-threatening environment for the development of non-music based outcomes as noted in the above RMM definition.44


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