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Positive RePercussions
Recreational Music-Making for Wellness

Our Vision 

At Positive RePercussions, we believe that music should be not only valued as a form of entertainment but also as a vehicle for positive change, achieving specific measurable outcomes in the lives of individuals and groups. Positive RePercussions envisions a world where rhythm, music, and song are embraced as a vital necessity in our holistic wellbeing. 


Everyone can drum! 

Why Drumming? 

It may seem surprising, at first, that something as simple as drumming can have such a powerful impact on individual development and wellness. For thousands of years, communities around the world have used group drumming in ceremonies, rituals, healing, and celebrations. In many ways drumming is actually a mainstream, rather than an alternative approach to health, development and wellness. 


Recent studies have also documented many of the physiological, cognitive, and emotional benefits of therapeutic drumming. In terms of wellness, group therapeutic drumming is really about stress reduction, exercise, self-expression, building connections with other people, and spirituality. 


Drumming is FUN! 

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Our Mission 


At Positive RePercussions, we build community and promote wellness through interactive, evidence-based programs, designed to inspire, empower, educate and engage in an inclusive, interactive environment. Today’s world has a need for innovative programs to help us respect differences while encouraging collaboration, allowing us to work together, at a greater potential, and to create a healthy balance in our personal lives.


Positive RePercussions promotes an environment in which the joy of active music-making is a positive element of everyday life for everyone. We strive to bring music to everyone, especially the 92% of adults who have not played a musical instrument in the past year.

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