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GRAND OPENINGS: Positive RePercussions

Positive RePercussions LLC has opened a new “rhythm boutique,” a recreational music-making, and group-drumming center, at 5049 Ocean Blvd., in the Village on Siesta Key.The center, which owners Erik Dunton and Kim Scott moved here from Austin, Texas, provides drums and hand percussion instruments and leads group drumming sessions as much for the benefit of the musicians as any audience.

“Positive RePercussions believes that music should be not only valued as a form of entertainment but also as a vehicle for positive change,” the owners said in a news release. “They use the power of music and rhythm to produce non-musical outcomes, by delivering research-based, high-quality, interactive, events and activities. Their non-threatening, interactive, hands-on activities encourage cooperation, communication and wellness, through creative self-expression.

They say it helps participants’ ability to focus and to stay “on task,” develop self-awareness and motor skills as well as listening skills. The sessions also improve self-control, patience and cooperation; foster creativity; improve moods; reduce anxiety and depression and restore a sense of inner balance.

Positive RePercussions also offers a selection of fine hand drums and percussion instruments for sale.;; 941-677-3786

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