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Group Drumming and Mental Wellness

Group drumming and its role in wellness has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Let’s look at group drumming and its usefulness for mental wellness.Here is a list of Ten Mental Wellness Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body found in a document released by the Mental Health Center of Manchester NH (

1 Get Plenty of Sleep

2 Learn To Relax

3 Laugh

4 Do Something for Others

5 Nurture Friendships

6 Avoid Unnecessary Stress

7 Make Time for Fun

8 Incorporate Physical Activity

9 Eat Healthy

10 Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs

Let’s take a closer look, (not necessarily in order) at how incorporating drumming in your life can fulfill some of these Mental Wellness Tips.

#2 Learn To Relax. Many studies have demonstrated that drumming produces calming and focusing effects, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress, creating an atmosphere to encourage a state of deep relaxation.

#3 Laugh. Group drumming is a fun activity that creates smiles and laughter for all. I have yet to see a group that is not filled with smiles!

#5 Nurture Friendships. Drumming quickly tears down barriers between participants, creating an atmosphere of unity, connectedness, and camaraderie. I have created long-lasting and meaningful friendships with people that I have met through drumming.

#6 Avoid Unnecessary Stress. As stated in #2, group drumming is a proven stress releaser and reliever. So if you are unable to avoid unnecessary stress, you can at least alleviate it.

#7 Make Time for Fun. Drumming is an extremely fun activity, whether you are alone or with a group. Drumming it is truly an activity where it can best be said, “The more…the merrier!”

#8 Incorporate Physical Activity. Drumming can be a great cardio work out, and if you add movement and/or dancing it increases the level of physical activity, becoming a great fun and relaxing work out.

#10 Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs. Group drumming has been proven to be a effective activity to help break addiction, making this a great activity if you are tying to kick a habit or just want an activity to help create a support group.

There you have it! Seven out of Ten…But wait! There’s more!

Bonus! #1 Get Plenty of Sleep. With all of the physical activity, relaxation, and stress relief, you WILL sleep better.

Bonus! #4 Do Something for Others. Go out and start a local group drumming program. Not only will you benefit you will help others to realize the benefits of group drumming.

There you have it! Seven Nine out of Ten Mental Wellness Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body with just one activity…DRUMMING! Now go out and start to play a drum, look for local group drumming opportunities… and drum your way to a lifestyle of wellness!

PS: Should drumming replace your need to seek professional psychiatric or medical help? Of course not! But drumming alongside modern medical practices can help you steer through your wellness challenges.

Erik Dunton

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